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About Ashley


Ashley is an ambitious, adventure-seeking actor who has recently moved to the west coast after spending a year in China (我爱中国 ❤️). She was born and raised in New Jersey (and no she doesn’t say joisey) where she graduated with a BA in Acting and a MAT in Elementary Ed from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has a passion for acting, adventuring, and trying new things. She’s lived in three countries, traveled to ten, and will talk your ear off about any of the places she’s visited. 

Growing up, Ashley was extremely shy - no really, her teachers thought she couldn’t talk because she didn’t - yet she turned Beauty and the Beast into a one-woman show she recited almost every day. Now Ashley loves being able to share her passion for acting with everyone, especially kids. She often works teaching children & teen acting classes and has appeared in many Young Playwrights Festivals.

Besides knowing a countless amount of Disney trivia, Ashley is a professional hobby dabbler and thinks Michael’s is a very dangerous place. She’s a - finds something in the store and spends twice as much trying to make it herself - type of person. Ashley has an unusual amount of love for learning and has taught herself almost all of her hobbies. Current projects: knit coffee cozies and learning Mandarin.

A word of caution: follow Ashley’s acting adventures and you might just receive a handmade gift from one of her various hobbies.

Please enjoy this moment of a mosquito encounter during headshots :)

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